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Hi, I’m Curtis Kingrea (KING•REE). I’m a strategist, an ambivert, and the father of two husky babies (Loki and Khaleesi).  I was a strategist before I even realized I was a strategist. To understand why that is, here are three important things to know about me and my understanding of people.


No one understands Middle America like I do.

I was born and raised in Greene County, Virginia. Never heard of it huh? Well, aside from camouflage anything, jacked up 4-wheel drive trucks, deer huntin’, and Sheetz, the only thing people from my hometown love more is Jesus. So you can only imagine how the gay son of a Christian minister and his deacon wife fared there. 

Do you need proof? Here’s seven year old me, dressed as Nascar’s Jeff Gordon for Halloween. At least I was still sporting my rainbow pride. Needless to say, I spent a good portion of my life code switching in order to fit in. And to successfully code switch you have to know the culture in and out. So if y’all ever want to go four wheelin’ way out yonder, when it’s colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra, I’m your man.

All jokes aside, my hometown and upbringing have taught me a lot. The most important of which is, never forget about middle America; they have a voice, wants, and needs as much as the rest of us. I don’t think anything has made that more apparent than 2016.


Yes, I get it; I have a lot of medical experience.

My parents, like most parents in my hometown, viewed medicine as the pinnacle career path for success. So, to fit the mold, my early careers and education led me to medicine. I originally looked at all of this as time wasted because it wasn’t spent on my ambition. However, in retrospect, I wouldn’t understand people as well as I do today without it. 

You can’t imagine trying to console someone getting surgery after they’ve had a miscarriage. You can’t understand the struggle of a single mother who’s currently out of work because she’s broken her arm. And you certainly can’t understand the heartbreak of a person who has recently lost her spouse, so she calls to “ask a question about a medication” when, in reality, she just needed someone to talk to. Medicine may be seemingly unrelated to my current career, but in actuality it’s not that different at all. Both are about observing, understanding, and serving people.


My couch, Roseanne, is the only woman for me.

Roseanne was found in some dark and dingy alleyway here in Richmond, Virginia. She was probably thrown out because she was old, not in style, and her zippers come undone from time to time. And honestly, I’ve never related more to something.

I’ve spent many a late on night with her researching and working on school projects. She always gave me the support I needed. We’ve also learned a great deal together.  We explored the “Sex and Culture” of Lebanon, India, and Japan on Netflix. Using a wire coat hanger and coax cable as an antenna to get ABC, we saw the intricacies of reality TV dating each week on “The Bachelor.” Sometimes, the best research about people and culture can done at home watching a documentary, reality TV, or sitcom on the couch.

So don’t let us confuse you. We may be a bit older and a bit dusty, but we sure make up for it with curiosity.


So if you think I could be a good fit for your company, please reach out; I'd love to talk. My partner is currently helping me practice my interview techniques so I'm well-prepared for when we chat. It's going kind of like this...


"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

Dolly Parton