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Welcome Arts & Letters!

Thanks for stopping by and for considering me for a possible business manager position.

While I recommend you check out my entire portfolio (because I'm sure you have a lot of free time), I have put together three projects (below) that I feel showcase my strengths as a strategist and the skills that will be necessary to being a successful business manager at Arts & Letters.

**Also, I painstakingly spent hours trying to write my "about me" page. Writing it was kind of like trying to describe a color without saying it's name or pointing to it (try it; it's hard). So please check it out.**



We were asked, "how can Zippo enter the rapidly growing e-sports world?" To answer this question, I first had to understand Zippo's brand inside and out and recognize what challenges they faced in doing so. After reframing the ask a bit, I talked to people about fire and dare I say, found an insight in gaming that would allow Zippo to endemically enter the category. Click below to check it out!

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Casper came to us for recommendations on how to become a sleep company versus one of many "mattress-in-a-box" companies that exist today. One reason I included this project is because it was a sprint. Being a sprint, I had to work quickly and get scrappy with my research. By looking at their end goal, and doing a complete categorical communications audit, I uncovered an entry point for Casper. See how the term "slumber-fluid" helped to shape the strategic direction of our recommendation below.


We were asked to make a creative brief. While this may seem uninspiring, I included this project because I learned an important lesson. I could have written a strategy for Cookout that would lead them down any path that made sense and lent itself to creative. However, during my research it became apparent that a decision had to be made. I had to decide if this communication would be to expand Cookout to new regions (where competitor's like Shake Shake, In-N-Out, and Whataburger were) or keep Cookout where they were. This fictitious dilemma taught me that strategy can sometimes go far beyond communications by making strategic business decision as well.

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