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Casper: Live Client

The Objective

Develop a way to transform Casper from a “mattress-in-a-box” company into a sleep company.


The Category

Four years ago, the category and category conventions completely changed with the introduction of Casper. With Casper being the first to market, this shift in the category is a testament to their success. However, in those four years, Casper has been met with a multitude of “mattress-in-a-box” competitors, completely saturating the category. With their ask of owning sleep, we completed a competitive audit to see what other companies were communicating. What we found is that they are all talking about sleep. Nectar, Tomorrow, Purple, Lull, Winkbeds, and the like, are all talking about sleep, but sleep centered around nights, 8 hours, science, health, and mattresses. So not only is the category saturated but so is sleep.

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The Research

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Brand Identity

When researching Casper we found that they did not have an “About” page on their website. So we scoured the internet and found what we could. It wasn’t until our briefing that we were told their mission was to “awaken the potential of a well rested world.” Two of those words really got us thinking, potential and rest (more on this later).

We ALL Get It

The 8 hour sleep night and the physical/mental health benefit messages have been forced down our throats by everyone from physicians to mattress companies. We heard from people that they understand sleep is important; they get it. We ALL get it. So we knew we had to avoid this science, health, prescriptive way of viewing sleep.


We found that sleep/sleep patterns are fluid. Some new mothers are waking up several times a night to feed their child and find themselves sleeping in the nursing chair. Night shift nurses are sleeping during the day. Some long distance commuters are sleeping on trains. Our sleep and sleep patterns ebb and flow depending where we are in our life. 8 hours at night in bed is great, but not an everyday reality for everyone.



Sleep feels good no matter when, where, or how you get it.

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The Strategy

The best sleep is the sleep you actually get.

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The Opportunity

Casper has the opportunity to talk about sleep in a way that is different from any of their competitors. They can remain true to their mission of awakening the potential of a well rested world by owning sleep whenever, wherever, or however it is. This places a focus on the non-mattress products Casper offers (like the travel/nap pillow, sheets, etc.) casting a wider net around products that are purchased more frequently. This brings people into the Casper family with a smaller commitment, building loyalty for the eventual mattress purchase.



Concept & Tagline: Make sleep work for you


Retail Vignettes and Clipboards

We recommended subtle changes to the retail vignettes to make them customizable to any individual. This includes adjustable lighting for night sleepers, day sleepers, and mixed sleepers (some light). We also wanted to include various ambient noise options to round out this customization. 

Currently, Casper has clipboards outlining the different products featured in the vignettes. We also recommended creating personas/profiles of the different sleeping habits of people to give them a more personal touch, allowing customers to see themselves in the setting.


The Casper Nook

With the success of The Dreamery in NYC, we recommended transforming one vignette at each retail location into, what we called, The Casper Nook. The Capser Nook would bring the Dreamery experience nationwide while also acting as a customized trial. Customers could chose which mattress, pillow, and sheets/blankets they want to try for 45 minutes. The room would also be setup per their specifications/usual sleep habits (e.g. lighting, noise, etc.) so that it could mimic how they sleep at home.

We also wanted to bring the mirrors from the Dreamery into every retail location. These mirrors give people a way to share the in-store Casper experience socially, driving more earned media for the brand.


Nap Corner

To help drive home that Casper is a sleep company, not a mattress company, we recommended creating a Nap Corner at the entrance of their retail locations. This could double as a waiting room for appointments and act as a way to try out Casper pillows, nap pillows, and blankets in the various ways they could be used. This again casts a wider net around products that are purchased more frequently, introducing consumers to the Casper brand.

We recommended a rocking chair (possibly for recent mothers), a couch (maybe for nurses), and a hammock (maybe for the recently retired). We also recommended that the nap corner feature the new brand manifesto to show all consumers who Casper is and what they stand for.

Rest Stop Activation.jpg

Rest Stop Activation

During the summer, we recommended that Casper will take over rest stops across the country. Weary travelers can pull over and be carefully watched over by a Casper Sleep Protector providing sleep essentials, refreshments, and a watchful eye. The products would feature contextually relevant copy like:

  • “Hit the hay. Then hit the road.”

  • “Sleep at a rest stop without one eye open.”

  • “Sleeping like a baby on board.”


Movie Theater Partnerships

We also recommended Casper partner with premium movie theaters like iPic and CinéBistro who have comfy, reclining seats, and a full-service experience. The products would feature contextually relevant copy like:

  • “We give this movie two eyelids down.”

  • “The movie was meh. The sleep was amazing.”

  • "Less than 60% on Rotten Tomato. 100% gonna fall asleep.”

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AA Partnership.jpg

Expanding the American Airlines Partnership

We suggested they extend their partnership with American Airlines in two ways:

  1. Carry the Nap Pillow and blankets through to the entire cabin on flights where first-class partnerships are already present.

  2. Be the sleep heroes by providing Nap Pillows and blankets in American Airline hub terminals to people who are sleeping at gates.

The products would feature contextually relevant copy like:

  • “You are now free to sleepwalk about the cabin.”

  • “Wake me up when we get there.”

  • “Fits perfectly in your underhead compartment.”


The Team

Gloryah Allen (Experience Designer)

Hannah Barr (Strategist)

Edward Beckwith (Copywriter)

Curtis Kingrea (Strategist)

Elise Sokolowski (Experience Designer)