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30 second spot

The Ask

For Visual Storytelling, we were tasked with creating a 30 second advertising spot for Purell. Other parameters included no voice over and no more than 2 art cards.

The Challenge

So many ads for Purell, and other competitors in this category, focus on health benefits. The flu, colds, bacteria, and viruses dominate conversation in this category. So the challenge is how do we get around that?

The Insight

After reading product reviews on Amazon.com, I began to notice that several people use Purell to interact with immunocompromised loved ones. 

Purell is more than health; it's about love.

The Tag

"Because hands were meant to be held."

The Concept

While the idea stemmed from immunocompromised patients, we decided to focus on romantic relationships and how badly you just want that physical contact with your significant other when you are sick. Below, we inserted Purell as the solution to this problem.


The Team

Anna Kim (Strategist)
Curtis Kingrea (Strategist)
Caitlin Russel (Strategist)